Audio doesnt match up with my video when playing on dvd player

Hey im having a very frustrating problem when burning mpeg-2 files onto dvd’s, i use Xilisoft Video Converter to change my .AVI files to .Mpeg2 then i use InterVideo WinDVD Creator 3 to burn it to a dvd… but when its all done my audio is like 5 seconds off of the video when i play it on a dvd player, the movie i made was Click and i put in a dvd menu into the start but im not sure if thats the problem, help would be greatly appreciated :iagree:

Sounds like you encoded the audio “out of sync” with the video. Common problem. However, since Click is not out yet, it sounds like a copyright violation and therefore we cannot help with that.

I will agree here we don’t condone piracy. So think before you post. This movie isn’t out yet. Shoot I think it’s still in theaters too. Please re-read the forum rules before posting more to keep you in the safe field for posting in the future.

also, I don’t think this is an anydvd problem. if it turns out to be legal, at the very least this topic should be moved to a more appropriate forum.

Just checked and this title is still in theaters so there is no way I can see that there is a legal download of this.

I am also having this problem with DVD movies. (Already released!!) My audio is about 5 seconds off the movie - please if anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I am running AnyDVD & Clone DVD2.


do you have the delay problem just with backups or originals also?
if also with originals, then it is a display problem most likely

vabeach69 -

Isn’t your above posting a Double Posting and just a continuation of your original posting in the CloneDVD Forum concerning your audio and video synchronization problem?


Yes it is BeLooken. We are glad to assist you but the owners and users of this forum really frown upon double posting.

do our replies auto double post??? :wink:

Sorry about double posting. I didn’t know it was a problem. I’m just trying to get an answer to my problem. If I can’t figure it out I guess I will have to stop copying my movies for my son who lives out of state.

Bottom line is this…just about every movie I copy, at some point, the audio is not matched up. The original movie is okay, it’s just the copied version. I am using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 with the default setting it had after I down loaded it. I want to keep using these programs since I did pay for the key code and it’s not just the trial download. I’m very frustrated and would appreciate any help.

Thank you and again sorry for the double post.

I’ve never had a problem with Anydvd & clonedvd. clonedvd does not touch the audio and all it does to the video is just sample it down to a lower bitrate. There should be no change to the sync as the actual formats are not changing.

I would look at your PC. How much ram do you have? Processor? Running other apps at same time? Is DMA on?

Talk like this is also prohibited = forum rules :cop:

Have you tried another home dvd player?
can you try your backups on another dvd player/monitor set up
sync problems are usually do due to a particular dvd player/monitor set up
Post back and let us know

zaq the Texas bounty. :smiley:

can you “double” collect

Sorry to keep posting the “wrong” way in this forum. I was under the impression that I could legally copy movies that I already owned. I will take my question someplace else where hopefully I can get some helpful advise. Thanks for everyone’s time!!

@ vabeach69,

Making Backup copies of Commercial DVD Movie Titles that you legally own and then giving the backup copies to someone else who doesn’t legally own the original Commercial DVD Movie Titles clearly violates any “Fair Use” rights afforded by the 1984 Sony BetaMax legal ruling.

Suggest reviewing the CD Freaks Forum Rules ( When you disregard established Forum Rules you put the operators of the CD Freaks Forum in jeopardy and risk having the CD Freaks Forum shutdown do to violation of various International Laws.

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Also, in the USA, even if you could claim “fair use” to copy/backup your own DVDs, by bypassing the digital copy protection scheme you violate the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). In the USA its a catch22 - you can backup per “fair use” but you can’t backup because of the DMCA law.

But as bjkg stated, giving copies to your son violates fair use.

Rule of thumb
never state why you are making a backup er archive
and never state the source of the disk

thus it will be assumed you own the disk and you are making a legit copy for your personal use
don’t tell and no-one will ask
ie don’t tell, don’t ask :bigsmile: