Audio does not match Video

Hey im using InterVideo WinDVD Creator 3 to create my personal dvd’s and everytime i burn my home movies onto a dvd it has the audio not matching wat people are saying at that paticular moment, i put a dvd menu before the clips, and i was wondering wat im doing to make the audio not match with any of the video, please help me.

Windvd Creator 3 starts the audio at the beginning of the dvd, which in essence means that your dvd menu is sitting on top of the beginning of the audio, and that puts the movie out of sync. depending on how long the loop time on the dvd menu is, you may in reality be cutting out as little as a second, or up to a minute depending on the complexity of the dvd menu. I have had little experience with WinDVd, but a few questions need to be answered first.

  1. Does your version of WinDVD Creator have a DVD Menu creator built in?

  2. If so, are you using it, or are you using another tool to create the menus?

For both scenarios, i have a simple and viable solution :slight_smile:

Try to get back to me soon.

The 793

yes my windvd has a dvd menu creator built in with it, i am currently using the one it provides with the program, i am looping the menu at around one minute because i was playing a song in the background for no reason really just to make it a better menu, thx 4 the reply, i hope u get back to me :slight_smile: