Audio dissapears on edited file?

I have been editing a video file with Adobe Premier CS5. I then export the file to a MPG file and then use Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 6 to covert the file to VOB (PAL video & MP2 audio). At this stage everything is working fine, the video plays fine with audio.

Next I copy the file back into the original DVD directory and replace the original file. Now when I play the video it has no audio.

I have noticed some differences in the properties of the two files.

The original file:
Data rate: 7000kbps
Total bitrate: 8536kbps
Bitrate: 1536kbps

The edited file:
Data rate: 9000kbps
Total bitrate: 9192kbps
Bitrate: 192kbps

Alone the file plays fine, it is just when it is put back into the folder with all the other video files that it doesn’t have audio. Do I have to make changes to the other files (.BUP .IFO .XMP)?

You can’t put the mp2 audio in place of the original audio without re-authoring the dvd. Also, editing the video is going to do some strange things to the timing, so the original IFO files shouldn’t work with it properly.

From the bitrate, it looks like the original audio is full rate DTS audio.
I’m not quite sure why you are converting the original audio to MP2, unless you just want to save space. Perhaps Premiere won’t output as DTS?

You should be able to export from Premiere as mpeg2 in dvd compliant specifications. At that point all you need is an authoring program that won’t re-encode the video and give you a full dvd-video as output. If Premier won’t play nice with the original sound and you are relying on this (ugh!) Xilisoft program to convert, I’d suggest another tool.

Take the output from Premier and run it through AVStoDVD. The output will be a finished dvd ready to burn. Make certain to set it to output in the size you need, (DVD5 or DVD9), PAL specifications, and I’d use AC3 audio instead of MP2, but that is your choice. If your video output from Premier is actually dvd compliant, you can set AVStoDVD not to reencode the video. The audio can done that way as well, but it depends on what you’re getting from Premiere.

AVStoDVD is free to use:

AVStoDVD’s weakest section is its menu creation, but you don’t have to make a menu if you don’t want to. The basic ones will work ok if you do need one.

If you are trying to retain the original menu, you’ve got problems, and things get much more complex.

Rereading your original post, it seems you have the video and audio set as you want from the Xilisoft program, though I’m not sure why it outputting as vob files if this program is not making a complete dvd video for you (with vob, ifo and bup files in a Video_TS folder).

If it is not making a complete dvd video structure for you, you could use the vob files in a pure authoring program. If you can find one that accepts vob files. The one I use can do this, called DVDLab Pro, but it is fairly expensive. There is a free trial. Most people would use GUIforDVDAuthor, DVDStyler, or DVDAuthorGUI as free options, but most of those need demuxed elementary streams as input.

If you are trying to reuse the original menus, after editing and converting the audio I wish you luck. PGCEdit might be a tool to look into for this.

Thanks for your reply, it really helped a lot.

Just so that you understand what I a trying to achieve. I have a DVD with a number of announcements & videos on it (and different menus). I want to remove a small amount from some of the vidoes (which I have done) and then replace the files, burn to DVD and keep using the disk as before.

I took the output from Premier and ran it through AVStoDVD and was able to replace the original file. I now have audio again. The only problem is that when I play the video (from the menu selection) it no longer returns to the menu as it did before.

I will have a look PGCEdit and see how I go. I guess from your tone that I might be better off creating a new menu.

Once again, many thanks.