Audio disappears and appears on its own!

My sound card has developed a mind of its own.It works fine but then suddenly it disappears for days.Usually a simple restart would work but now for the past 2 days I have no sound and no matter how much I restart or shut down the PC it still doesnt come back.

.When I access the the Sound and Audio devices,it says No audio device! In the device manager the following progs are listed under sound and game controllers

Audio Codec
Legacy Audio Drivers
Legacy Video Capture Devices
Media Control Devices
Video Codecs

I have Windows XP Pro and dont know what sound card or driver I have.

Can someone pls help me?
Thank You :slight_smile:

Hi there and be welcome!

First of all: do you know if you have an onboard, PCI or external soundcard?

If it’s an onboard soundcard (often, these can be recognized when the connectors for the speakers are near the USB ports and the keyboard/mouse connector), try reinstall your chipset drivers (these come with the mainboard/computer).

If it’s a PCI or external soundcard, it may be a good idea to reainstall the drivers as well. You need the drivers for the right hardware though. Normally the name of the card is listed in the device manager. If not, you might want to try a program like Sandra (download here) to check what hardware there’s in your system. If you can’t find a driver with that information, please tell us what you found out so we can look into it :).

Thanks for ur advise :slight_smile: However the only problem being that since there is no audio device Sandra or Everest are not reading the audio drivers!

I think its a sound card cos the connectores are way below and not near the keyboard connector.

What should I do ?
The thought of opening the CPU cover is daunting cos I have no clue where to even begin and my bro is out of town.

This may sound idiotic (but I’ll risk i anyway) but are there any drivers which work with all soundcards?

Please do help and thanks for all ur time :slight_smile: