Audio difficulties with the LG GCE-8400B

i got an annoying problem.
i have a LG GCE-8400B (the 40x12x40x drive)
im burning my band’s new demo, 3 songs, on TDK d-view 74 min cds. writing at 8x with nero (won’t allow lower and 16x ones never even play at all) and some of them just go bad, like, it sounds ok for the first minute but then distortion gradually appears and gets worse. it doesn’t go any worse after the second song, so if i were to draw a graph out of it than it would look exactly like the P-CAV writing speed graph, u know, raise gradually from the start for a while then keep some reached level for the rest of the process.

it seems pretty random if the cds come out good or not, so i test em all on my home stereo. ok so i sold one that had no distortion on my stereo to this girl who was watching our gig yesterday. she emailed me and said that the cd works fine till 1:30 then it just stops and does so in the beginning of the second and third songs.

then again this guy who bought the demo too yesterday said the sound was perfect. what’s the goddamn matter? im really losing my mind here. seems a lot like all of them were somehow corrupted but some cd players wouldnt mind and others do.
also the way the distortion gradually goes up and then takes a set level sounds a lot like a problem with the P-CAV tech.
what’s the best brand for writing audio anyway (dont mention plextor i couldnt afford one no matter how good it was)?
any ideas? thanks in advance.

oh, before starting “mass production” of the demo on the 74min TDKs, i did some promo cds from 192kbps mp3s i extracted from both of our demo cds. i burned these songs on TDK d-view 80 min songs on 16x and they work fine.
and the 74min cds with a certain identification code on them always go bad. i burned several succesful ones that had the code JFAZ or JFAW but each single on that had “JFA3” on them went wrong…im lost with this.

I have heard those old TDK D-Views can be incompatible with certain drives. Just buy some new media that is rated for highspeed 40 or 48X writing and try that, dump the old D-Views.

i know i should. the reason i bought the d-views are cos they got that nifty slim case which we use for our cds.
i think i’ll switch over to some bulk caseless cds and buy separate cases. it’s just that even tho they’re compatible up to 16x im only writing at 8x and still getting errors.
well, shouldnt matter, i just figured that i’ll take the cds over to my gf’s, she’s got a plextor which i used to burn our previous demo.