Audio desync on digital copies



I recently got a Zune 120.
I wanted to put the digital copies that have been coming with new movies on it. In their current form it is not possible.

So I bought tunebite, and I’ve been having some issues

I have 4 movies and three of the movies audio progressively desynced as Tunebite recorded it.

I will post the encodes here because I believe that is part of the problem

The Matrix-worked perfectly
video encode-3712kbs
audio encode-183kbs

Dead Space: Downfall- audio desync
video encode-1000kbs
audio encode-64kbs

Alien vrs Predator: Requiem-audio desync
video encode-6000kbs
audio encode-128kbs

Wall-E-audio desync
video encode-3500kbs
audio encode-128kbs

Thanks for any direction you give.