Audio delay problem in VSO DivxToDVD 1.99


I am running VSO DivXToDVD 1.99. After I converted a downloaded Mpeg-4 file into DVD format, I got a problem of video and audio being out of sync. The interesting thing is that in the beginning of the movie, everything is fine, but then little by little video starts lagging behind audio, and when I press Stop and Play again from the stoppage point, problem restarts: first video and audio are in sync and then they steadily go apart. Also, when I play the DVD disk on my computer, everything is fine. This happened with a couple of movies in a row. Is the a problem with my DVD player, or it’s a software problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If the disc is playing fine on your pc then I would say it was your dvd player at fault.Try it on another player to see if it does the same