Audio delay in Ultimate v6.0.3-0520



I also have the full version of DVD ripper platinum v4.0.98-0201…

I first tried a rip from a 3+hr dvd, using wmv codecs with Ultimate 6, I got an audio delay midway thru the converted file. not good for me. So I tried it on the v4 patinum ripper and with the exact same settings, I have no delay what so ever.

No I went searching for answers and found it here, or so I thought, I saw a post about an audio delay in Ipod, then midway thru the thread, someone had issues with the dvd ripper, and ImToo Support suggested turning off (unchecking):

“please open “Tools->Settings->DVD” and then uncheck the option “Detect Progressive 24Hz” to have a try”

Well I set it up and tried again, 5 hours later, the end result was the same, audio delay midway thru.

Not sure what to try now, but going back to the v4, is there another fix?