Audio + data cds how do you copy them?

I have a audio cd with both aucio, multi session and data on the cd and Feurio gave the following message
DEFECTIVE TOC (Copy protection?)

The TOC (Table of Contents - the directory of the CD) of the inserted CD is defective!
Probably the CD hasn’t be burned correctly.

Another reason could be that the inserted CD has a copy protection. In the last time several such CDs appeared.
This copy protection works with a defective TOC.

Since this copy protection is based on a defective TOC, the CD doesn’t match the"Red Book" standard (the standard for audio CDs), so it is NO CORRECT AUDIO CD! Also, this CD shouldn’t have the permission to carry the “CD Digital Audio”-logo!
And since such protected CDs cause problems with several CD players, most vendors have took back the copy protection!
So take this CD to your dealer und demand a CD that matches the norms for audio CDs!

REMARK: We often get questions, if it wouldn’t be possible to develop a function for Feurio!, to read such CDs in spite of the copy protection:
That wouldn’t be a problem for Feurio! - but the CD-ROMs don’t collaborate!
The copy protection is based on a wrong leadout-position stored in the TOC (in most cases 30 seconds). All CD-ROMs we tested till now compare, when getting a read command, the desired position with this leadout-position.
The CD-ROMs then “deny” to read sectors that lie beyond the leadout-position!
So, there’s no way for Feurio! to read such CDs! For that the vendors of the CD-ROMs had to agree to remove the position-checking out of the firmware of their CD-ROMs.

Clone 4, Ecdc and Alcohol will not burn the cd :confused:
Any Ideas guys;)

try with nero burning rom: never encountered problems in cpying audio+data cd with it.
but if the problem is a copy protection, try to search for what kind of protection is with colnyXXL:
and its profiler for clonecd:

stupid answer: extract audio with eac, then data with isobuster, then burn back with nero (cd extra).

don’t wait for a serious answer: i can’t think anything better, right now :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t extract data if they’re the core of a protection.
to find this out try using clony.

:slight_smile: Thanks guys I will tre theese steps and thanks for the links.:wink: :bow: :bow:

thanks for the “stupid” answer, cico85.
anyway, feurio doesn’t succeed in copying nothing more than pure audio CDs; if the cd is a mixture of audio and data, you need a software like nero, or clonecd, or similar.
but you didn’t say if the cd you tried to copy was original, or a copy itself from other CDs; and you didn’t say what kind of devices you use, i.e. what cd-recorder and what reader. for if the problem is some kind of copy protection, these devices make the differences: some ones can read correctly your cd, and other not. plextor and yamaha cd-recorders read well this kind of protection, for example, and even lite-on dvd-players (trust: a friend of mine copied a key2audio with a lite-on 165h in reading). even if probably lite-on cd-recorders don’t read copy protected CDs very well (read something about that).
for my personal experience, the only protected audio cd I found required from me five or six CDs in making that, because like you i began with feurio, on the fly, on a recorder without burn-proof, then with clonecd and nero; but after some attempts finally i made two copies of that damned cd.
now i’m more careful; but i never found protected CDs since then.
my advice is to make simulated copies until they go well.
maybe with clonecd and the profiler from clonyxxl.

have a good copying day.

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If you read cico85’s post again, I think you will see that he is not being impolite, but being lighthearted and poking fun at himself. He admits up front that his answer is a “stupid answer”. He wasn’t insulting anyone, as you are.

Your response was uncalled for. I can’t understand why you would respond as you did.

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If Feurio says that it has a defective TOC then it’s not a CD-Extra CD. It’s a protected CD.
The key to read a protected CD is using a CDROM that can read it. So try all CDROMs you can.

You can do it with Feurio, EAC or CloneCD. (Search the audio forum for several threads).

Once read it, you can burn it with any program.

The easiest way to backup a cd-extra is to use Nero or CloneCD with its multimedia audio profile.

But like Minix stated if Feurio! states it has a defective Toc it is unlikely it is a cd-extra. More probably a protected audio cd.

If it is a protected audio cd then you only want to backup the first session of the cd where the audio is stored. CloneCD with its audio profile is the easiest way to backup the audio files.

For more info on protected audio cds and how to backup them read the last link mentioned in my signature.

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Many thanks to you guys I have a lot to have a go at now and I think I will still probley make a few coasters :slight_smile:

My spec is as follows sorry for not listing b4.

orig rw cd
plex 24/10/40
pioneer dvd reader

:confused: Guys I just dont understand the back up bit?
:smiley: Upp3rd0G thanks 4 the links im off to have a look

Ill let u know how I get on guys


Originally posted by ed06
I think I will still probley make a few coasters :slight_smile:

No coaster if you do it with EAC or Feurio.
You only need to extract the tracks. Once you can extract them to WAV you only have to burn them as any other disc. The protection is against reading, not burning.

What drive are you using to extract?
The Plextor is very good at reading protected CDs. Use that Plextor to read. If it fails reading the tracks try disabling “Read index marks” (I had this issue with Ultraplex 40x and Key2audio -Rinôçerôse “Music kills me”- )

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Many Many thanks guys with out your help I would just have a load of coasters.
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