Audio crackles and hisses on a burned audio CD

I have problem to which I cannot find any solution. Without any reason whenever I burn mp3-s to the audio CD the sound on a CD crackles and hisses just like it would have been overamplified.

Things that I have done so far to find solution:

  1. Switched between different burning program. Normally I use NERO 8, but also I tried Win MP-s burn feature and Deepburner. Crackles and hisses remained.

  2. Checked the quality of the mp3-s. They are just fine with perfect high quality. I have tried different mp3-s to burn. Nothing, crackle and hisses are still there.

  3. I have lowered the voice output of the mp3-s to 86db-s, using MP3 Gain program. Nothing. Even those mp3-s that have previously been burned on a disc have crackles and hisses when I burn them now.
    So the mp3-s are fine.

  4. I burn audio CD-s with the slowest possible speed and I am using quality Verbatium discs, which have caused so far any trouble.

  5. I have used different players like one in my car to see, maybe it is the players fault. The problem is with the CD.

About the hardware. I’m using a Plextor PX-716A and lately I had a little paintjob in my home which included pasting the walls, which created some dust. But the job is already finished and so far there has not been any trouble with the player. It writes DVD-s ja data disc well.

I really appreciate any help.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I usually use Burrrn at 16x, works perfectly for me.

If that doesn’t help, maybe try something like Sony discs, as Verbatim discs can be made by any one of at least 3 manufacturers.

Note: the Burrrn website is down at the time of typing this, keep trying it til it’s back up. :slight_smile:

The mirror at this site has the latest beta and latest stable versions available for download:

Thank you for advises, but Burrrn program doesn’t recognise my burner or CD/DVD drive?
Now I tried to use not beta version and it found the drive.