Audio copying

I have a few questions:

Do you think burning audio at 32x will, significantly, make much difference? (in terms of errors and compared to say 4x)

When the burning software caches the audio CD to HD before burning does it detect errors such as hiccups or skipping? If not, then I’d have to lower my read speed to 1x if my CD is a little scratched?

What do you guys do to prevent music hiccups and skipping?

I use nero and when i do “on the fly” audio CD copying the “used read buffer” starts at 100% then slowly goes to 0% and then only the buffer of my sony crx195e1 is used but the read buffer remains at 0%…why? Is it normal?

Thank you for your time.

I prefer audio to be burnt at lower speeds and to use A-quality media when doing so.

Although I have a SCSI plextor setup, I rarely burn audio at higher speeds than 8x.