Audio copy speeds?

Hi all,

Im trying to burn audio, with nero 5 with a tdk 241040x
and using a sony 3284x cdrw as the reader.

so far im only getting an audio cd completed in approx 10 mins.
Iv’e tried a 50x cd reader and it took 15mins.

is this the norm or is there a way to speed it up anymore?
Im burning & 24x with burnproof on.

What’s your hardware setup?
How do you have your drives configured (primary/secondary - master/slave - etc.)?
What kind of CD-R blanks are you using (brand/speed rating)?

Originally posted by Darkstar
is this the norm or is there a way to speed it up anymore?
Im burning & 24x with burnproof on.

The only reason you did not create a coaster is Burn Proof.

To make an on the fly copy of an audio cd you must use the right hardware that, together, is capable of reading and burning audio cd (Digital Audio Extraction) at high speeds.

I myself have a Plextor 12x writer (with burn proof) and a 40x reader from Plextor, both using SCSI. But even then it has to address burn proof technology sometimes when I want to copy an audio cd on the fly at 12 speed

You can not handle that high speeds with an IDE setup. And even if you do, the cd’s may contain errors and not be readable in all cd audio devices…

Thanks for that info…

if I were to buy a scsi reader, would that make any difference?
what speed reader would I need?
Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!

You don’t need a scsi reader, when you do you should also buy a decent scsi adapter and a scsi writer…it is not worth the money.
Buy a CD-ROM with good DAE speed on IDE…maybe you can not copy audio at 12 speed on the fly, but you’ll save a helluvalot of money

don’t copy audio on the fly, just make a 1 or 2 speed image to hd then burn it on any speed to cd, it takes alot of time for reading the image but you will not have any problems with scratches.

I do it in this way because with old audio cd’s I had alot of problems with irritating ticks in some tracks

You need pretty fast system & good cd reader drive to get digital audio extraction to write at 24 times, I use a samsung x52 ide reader & the fastest speed I can manage is x16 write with audio without the buffer running out.
Drop your speed & experiment as writing at x16 is faster than writing at x24 & loosing the buffer. Also try converting wav files to mp3 as these write faster.

For an overview of DAE speeds of various drives check

When you want to do audio-copy on the fly with dae, you need to consider the minimum dae-speed of your reader. When starting up the cd, the dae-speed is a lot slower then when reading the end of the cd…

When you check this review of dvd-players:

It shows you that the fastest reader can extract dae at 22,23 speed when starting the dae session, and ending with a dae-speed of 47.50. So in theory it should be able to do audio copying on the fly at 20speed!

So this is what you need to consider when you want to do high speed audio copying on the fly. Look for reviews where they test this!

Scsi or ide? To my opinion nowadays with the fast ide-controllers and fast cpu’s the advantage of scsi for the home-user is minimal, so go for the cheap option: ide.

Good luck! :smiley:

Hmm… I use a Plex2410 and burning audio on-the-fly @ 24x hasn’t been a prob. :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by Wookie
Hmm… I use a Plex2410 and burning audio on-the-fly @ 24x hasn’t been a prob. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your cd-reader can do dae while starting up the cd faster then 24 speed??? I thought that was impossible. Most of 48-speed readers are having trouble getting a startup dae-speed above 16x… Are you sure that burn-proof isn’t kicking in?

What reader are you using? Maybe that those Kenwood cd-players with multiple lasers can accomplish this… (you know, those 72speed readers, with this ‘Zen’ technology)

Ah… found the info: apparently those Kenwooddrives with Zen-technology have a start dae-speed of 30.75 (found in this review: )

So you must have a Kenwood-drive! Am I right or am I right? :slight_smile:


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Thanks to everyone for the replies!
I was pretty much impressed with the volume of replies returned.

I can see I will be using this site alot in the future!