Audio Copy Protection in Australia

In the latest PCPowerPlay Magazine, I stated that Audio Protection was relatively unknown in the country. Mmm, this may have changed. I got this from a reader

I read with interest your PCPP column on copy protected music in Australia. I work part time in the Home Entertainment section of a Big W store selling CD’s, games and the like. A dream job. I have seen in the last few months a jump in the number of ‘copy protected’ CD’s mainly from EMI. Here is EMI’s FAQ provided for your information.

EMI Music Australia’s Copy Control measures

Nearly all new CD’s from them have the copy control logo. They include Robbie Williams Escapology, Rodney Rude, Atomic Kitten (Be With You single) and many others.

I have provided you with this because this kind of copy protection is far wider spread than you indicated in the column.

BTW, in really tiny print on the back of the CD’s it says that in order to play the CD on a computer you need a collection of minimum system requirements. That doesn’t sound like Red Book standard to me!

Any Aussies with Oz made CD-DA that’s protected? We could now be in for it! And I’m off to Woolies (Big W) this afternoon :wink:

It was reported that sometimes copy protected CDs do not play on CD players or PC’s. What is your comment?
On the 7 million CDs in circulation around the world carrying this technology the reports of playing problems are absolutely minimal. It is possible, just as with any software, that compatibility issues will exist with obscure hardware and where this occurs {as it will do on occasion with PC games, DVDs and even regular CDs}
the purchaser should return the CD to the place of purchase and please report the details of the hardware device on our Copy Control website.
Do you believe them?!

I don’t believe them,

my new Robbie Williams CD won’t play in my TDK CD Rewriter nor in my girlfriends CD Rom. So back to the store it goes.

Certain readers can bypass audio cd protection (Key2Audio, Cactus Data Shield, Dat.Loc). Have the CD-Freaks(or you) attempted to try and defeat this protection with a reader? Or is it one that just can’t be defeated?