Audio considerations on next gen blue laser HD formats



I just posted the article Audio considerations on next gen blue laser HD formats.

As if the
choices are not already difficult enough to figure out on blue laser
formats, considering the DRM and technical issues they are saddled with, it
seems that even the audio could…

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This shows you everything you need to know about next Genereation formats all that space and they can’t put Theater Quality sound as Mandatory(Well if you don’t count HD DVD’s Bizarre Mandatory vs Optional BS.):r


Is it just me or others have had the same experience as me. I’ve been to the theaters and I’ve never really notice any surround sound effects adding to the experience. The Matrix, King Kong, X-Men, etc - I’ve never heard sounds from the back! Maybe it’s my seating - knew I should have sat in one of those red seats, or dead in the middle (oh I can’t that’s where the stairs are). I wonder any of you who have home surround sound make out any difference between 5.1 or 7.1. My friend who keeps babbling on about how good the bass is on a 7.1 - but I know that has nil to do with the surround!!


sounds wonderful, but unless you have $$$$us to build audio system, they are useless. even audiophile buddies who can write scores by listening musics said that my 600usd boss home theater system cannot produce clear enough sounds to pay extra on dvd audio one of those guys recommended me to get a stereo system which would cost me 2500usd & he told me that was a bargain! requiring expensive codecs would only prevent the mass adaption of bd & hd-dvd; i would say hd-dvd camp’s decision to make few codecs to be optional was a smart move at least in price senstive us market


as far as i know, most of sounds are from center channel & surround speakers are usually making little bit of noise to create “volume” of space i have a boss ht system with rear reflactive surround system, and i can tell you that only fraction of time, it is effective in the movies the locations of speakers are critical, too. refer the manual of your ht system & optimise the performance


it’s not “theater quality sound”, but theater quality sound capable as you would have to spend tons of money for the amps & speakers i don’t go to theater as the volume of sounds is way too loud for my senstive ears :wink: ;however, usually the theater did not sound very clear but loud enough to be felt if that sort of sounds are what both camps are trying to make, i would say forget about it


It’s not just you. Many theaters I have been to didn’t seem to use the surround speakers. Now, I only go to the one single theater that I’ve had good experiences with. Contrary to what another poster wrote, movies do make substantial use of surround speakers. I saw Return of the King, Terminator 3, the two Matrix sequels in a properly equiped theater and the sound was fantastic!


Hey shimman SHUT THE HELL UP! Your just a blowhard with nothing consturctive to say also you have a “Very Limted knowledge of sound” Also if someone is going to pay $1000 plus for a Next-Generation DVD Player i have a feeling they can afford what they will need.(Also who the HELL cares what you think about Theater quality of sound i never asked you a#%HOLE.)


DAmn Jef maybe you need to switch to Decaf ducks :+


shimman You are right, but we are all(almost) mortals:S


It is always too loud the level to hear the dropping of a splinter. :wink:


no audio format can make sound better than it’s master these mandatory audio formats are probably quite-low-spec because of there will be classics remastered to HD imagebut you really can’t think that MLP LPCM 7.1 would make any difference here also i think there will be some low-cost oriented discs that won’t have any MLP cause of the license fees for it and if something isn’t mandatory doesn’t mean it won’t be available on 95% of the discs you can buy:d