Audio commentary only audio on backup



Using Clone DVD with AnyDVD, I have tried to backup Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Bewitched. The only audio I have on the backup is the commentary. I am copying them the same way I’ve backed up all my DVDs, using the Copy DVD button on CloneDVD. This is driving me crazy. I have written to Slysoft, but they told me to click on Preserve Menu (already done) and on all the audio fields, which were already clicked (all the English audio fields).
Can anyone help me?



Try to press the “Audio” button on the remote of your DVD player.


Using CloneDVD Mobile & AnyDVD, I have tried to rip the Michael Jackson DVD Concert Live in Bucharest several times but when its finished I only got a good quality image/video but an annoying static instead of audio. What can I do? Please help me.