Audio codec problems in a .avi


IUve got a Xvid .avi and i made it usinmg AutoGK
The Video plays fine!
But there is no audio what so ever.

I downloaded Divx becoase i thught that may work.
It said The audio couldnt play becoase something to do with a audio codec, can anyone tell me whewre i can get the codec?

U need a little prog called GSpot it scans your disc and tell u what format and codec is needed to play it. U can get it at

Newer version available here

Its says that the audio tag is 8192

It’s probably AC3.

I have this same problem. After installing Gspot, it tells me dat audio codec is Dolby AC3 and it’s already installed. But while going for test it shows an error message: Failed to connect to output pin 0x048f3514 (SRC media) of the file.
Can ne1 help me out

Then create a NEW xvid from the ORIGINAL.