Audio + clonecd FAILE

well i doesn’t fail but when it’s finished and i play it in my radio it allways does some loops and such things very weird
so i thought maybe u guys can help me ?



( oh yea if i rip it with nero and burn it with nero it works perfect …)

Have you tried using a lower reading and/or writing speed? I had a problem with an AUDIO disc once where the TOC was a bit screwed up, but when I used a lower reading speed (4x) it worked fine.

I must say that with my Plex I never had this problem again and full speed works great like it should :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a shot
but some months ago it worked perfectly ( same firmware )

so …

thx anyway


P.S. : within a few weeks i’ll have my 16x plextor :):slight_smile: