Audio Cleaning Software

I have a lot of old LPs and cassettes, which I wanted to digitise and digitally master them on CDs for my archives. I had been using DC Millenium for the purpose and was reasonably satisfied. I purchased the software over the net.

A few days back, I had a hard disc crash and lost the software. Fortunately I had kept the unlock key in a separate drive and that is saved. Since then I had been trying to download the trial version from who had sent me the unlock key. I also tried to explore who are supposed to be the author of the software. Unfortunately, I am not getting access. I had written to both of them, but not getting any response.

Can anybody please enlighten me as to what I should do to restore my software?

If you purchased the software and have the activation key, then phone them and they should have records and allow you to re-install the software with no problems.

Problem is that I am in India. So I had tried sending mails.

But I thought that at least the trial version of DC Millenium should be a downloadable option which I can activate through my activation key - like I had done last time. But unfortunately I am not finding the downloadable trial version on the net.

That’s weird because I just looked at the TracerTek web site from the link you gave and managed to find the download for DC Millenium try and buy.
There’s a link for “Free Software Dowloads” on the main page under the “More Info” tab.

See if you can access it.

Thanks a lot. I got it. I was missing the link “Free Software Downloads”. Thanks again.

No problem :flower: Hope you get it working again.