Audio cleaning lab problem



I am hoping someone in this forum knows something about Magix audio cleaning lab and could possibly help.
I have Audio cleaning lab 11 and there is a feature that allows you to make an audio DVD that can play on any stand alone DVD player, but try as I might, whenever I make the Audio DVd it plays only on the computer burner. I have tried the dvd on different players but the end results is still the same.
there is a similar program called Audio DVD creator that I have used and it worked without a problem.
I have tried Magix customer support and their forum and I still cannot get an answer. I know I can use the other program but I do not like to buy a software for a feature and then cannot get it to work, it makes me feel cheated, maybe I am doing something wrong.
If anyone have any solutions I would be very grateful for your help.

Thanking you in anticipation

P.S I think I have posted this topic in the wrong forum - it should be in CD and DVD burning software - but I dont know how to move it.


Is your DVD player capable of playing an audio DVD? I think only some newer players have this capability. My 4 year old JVC can only play MP3 CDs.


Thanks for replying, yes my DVD player can play audio DVD, Whenever I make an Audio DVD from The other program it works with no problem, I just cannot get to make an audio DVD that works using Magix Audio cleaning lab.


I uninstalled MAGIX. Cheated you betcha!! I sent 7 emails on different situations with thier software and no response. But they want you to upgrade. No phone number to call either. I have gone thru 4 different software programs and none have been able to work. Even the ones that give you a trial period to try them but a msg always appears to upgrade. Get the XXXX basic program to work and then I just might consider spending a bit more for the upgrade. Good luck!!!


magix audio cleaning lab 11 activtion code anyone