Audio chopping on .mov file when burnt to CD



I am burning file to a CD. The file is part of a video training CD and is about 213mb. The original file was imported from a DVD. When I watch the .mov file locally on a hard drive it will go through flawlessly. When the same file is burned to a CD-R (started with Staples brand now using Memorex) the audio porition of the video cuts in a out.
A couple of notes. I burn with Nero on default settings but burn in the lowest speed it will let me (16x). The sound perticibly cuts out in the same spot even with multiple burns on differnt brand CD-R. You can manually seek to the point where there was no sound, and the disc will play about 4-5 seconds of the previously missing sound before it cuts out again.
Any suggestions please let me know.


Need details of all steps you took, from the time you grabbed the data from the dvd…


Used Total video converter 3.11 to take DVD to .mov
Took .mov and burned to CD using neros defaults.
I’m sure you need more info so let me know what specifically I can detail for you.
Thanks for the help


Still having serious issues with this. Please help.


If it cuts out at the same spot, it sounds to me like you have a problem with the encoding, despite it working ok in the computer. Which codecs did you use for the video and audio?


Try some other program. See if it makes things better.