Audio Cds

I burn music for church and have got lots of good information on this website. I have only one problem for now. That is some of the cd-r I burn are
not playing in a few car radios. I have seen the media problem and burn speeds issues. I may get a cdrw writer and use it insteed of my Lite-On 1693s
DVD writer. Also have been saving file as mp3 and burning to cdr using Nero 6.6 version. May convert to wave file before burning. Some cds come out as data cds and some audio cds. Need some help here in my settings. Thanks a lot Guys and Gals

Some car stereos can be really picky when it comes to reading cdrs. You might want to try buying some audio cdrs. Staples has some Sony audio cdrs on sale this week - 30 for $10. Also, you should try lowering the burn speed. I wouldn’t burn music cds any faster than 24x.

When you make an audio CD using Nero, the program automatically converts the files into an audio format.

I’ve found that only Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO play in my car stereo. Sony CD-R wouldn’t work properly.

I don’t use Nero for Audio CDs but Roxio. I’ve found a good free substitute app - Burrrn ( - which when Roxio has given me problems does a fine job. It’ll also handle formats that neither Nero or Roxio will handle.

I initially use a CD burner but now find that my Benq 1620 & LG 4163B produce CDs that are fine.

Sony audio cds can either be made by Sony or made by TY (look for “Made in Japan”). I’ve had no problem with Sony made discs, but for some reason my Acura cd player does not like TY. Verbatim cds that carry a MCC mid are kinda hard to find in the US.

Older car cd players may not be able to handle mp3’s.