Audio CDs wont play correctly

OK, this one has been pissin me off for a while now, with multiple wasted CDR’s.

Im a part time DJ trying to get some demo discs out, and Ive transfered a 72min set onto minidisc then onto PC in wav format. Ive then split the wavs up into 13 tracks. I then opened nero and burnt the CD using the nero wizard for an audio cd. I burnt it with DAO checked, remove blank spaces checked and removed the audio gap, as it is one continuous mix cd. the problem i have is that a stereo wont play any other track apart from number 1. If you skip the cd or fast forward it, it just seeks for ages then quits. However if you play the CD from start to finish its fine?!?!?

I really dont et it.

any suggestions guys??

PS it works fine in a pc?

What app did you use to do the splitting?

Instead of the Wizard try it in Nero Burning Rom. Choose Audio CD then stack the wavs in the compilation window. You will have to manually change your pauses to 0 seconds (not the first one). Right click and go to properties to do this. You will also find many more Filters here for any additional tweaks. Nero should then set itself up to burn in DAO, the defaults should all be fine.

I eventually sorted out my problem. After reading many of the posts in here not once did i notice the fact that u have to set the 0s gap on all tracks except for the first track!!!

Also if burn Audio CD’s in high speed, older ( and even some newer) CD players will have problem reading it, such as you mentioned above. In my experience anything faster than 16x may be troublesome for some players (stand alone, portable, etc.).

wait, how did u fix it? im having the same problem. it will put the first track fine then all the other songs will be on the second track and if you fast forward to get to it it will start at like 99:99 and go backwards :frowning: ive wasted like 6 cd’s and im getting pissed off btw, i have burnt the same songs about 3 days ago and it worked fine, the only thing wrong with it was i forgot to take out the pause between songs out