Audio cds with tz copy protection



i want to use tz copy protection for protecting my audio cds. i have a bin/cue image of an audio cd, when i try to open cue with tz, it says “Audio CDs are currently not supported by TZ”. Is there a way to protect my audio cds with tz?



i protect my mixed mode cd with tz copy protection step 1,3,4,5. But when put the cd in audio player, i hear the music but i hear noise too. how can it be prevented?
My steps:
-with nero burning rom, make mixed mode cd and burn it to cd.

  • then with Ultraiso program, i take the bin/cue image of the file.
    -Then i try to protect bin/cue with tz copy protection and burn it to another cd.


i have tried steps independently. and i see that this noise come from step 5.
but yet no solution.


Please have a look at this thread:


thanks. i have tried to an mixed mode (audio +data ) bin/cue files for tz copy protection. Now no errors for audio cds. But when i try to listen to music with home player, i hear the music with noise. i make some testings. And this noise come with step 5. and i want to use step 5. How can i achieve?


From what i’ve read TZ Copy Protection isn’t practical for Audio CDs.
Maybe you want to try CCD Lock 1.75 ?