Audio CD's to DVD?



Hi there!

I have a collection of Audio CD’s (a few thousend) on hard drives, in a lossless format.

How can I burn them on DVD to be playable on standalone DVD players, but to keep the quality as high as it can be.

So converting to mp3 and other lossy formats are not acceptable.

I found 2 pieces of software, Apollo Audio DVD and Audio DVD Creator, but both are limited in making menus, have limitations in viewing text (no breaking long lines etc) an others.

Is there any other software to make it easy to add audio CD’s to a DVD with menus titles and more options in settings.

Are someone have any idea how other way I can do that, without burning all the disks to CD’s, I would like to burn them on DVD’s because the lack of space to store a few thousend of CD’s.

Thanks in advance,



You cannot without either using CDDA or losing quality.


I don’t understand you…

Why to use CDDA, the files are in ape-cue format, so they can be .wav if they have to be…

But they are already on a hard drive…

I would like to burn them on a DVD, to be playable on any standalone player (so they will be DVD Vide I think) and have menus with albums and song names…

The program Audio DVD Creator does it but with limited controls, I would like to have line breaks when the song names are that long not to stay on a single line, to chose how many songs are on a list in a single screen…

So I have for example 3000 CD’s on a hard disk, and would like to burn 5-6 of them on a single DVD ro have 5-600 DVD’s with quality as close as it can be to CD Audio.



The easiest way is to buy the cd/original or using the original sources.

Don’t try to tell this would be an LEGAL download.
If you have the original, then use it.
If not, its illegal obtained material.


nobody is speaking of the legality here, I have nothing to download, all the stuff is on hard drives in my machines…

Now I want to clear the disks and burn the audio on DVD’s, not CD’s…

Because if I burn 5 or 6 CD’s on one DVD then it’ll be abot 600 DVD’s instead of 3000 CD’s, so i need less place to hold the DVD’s…

And have a standalone DVD player that I would like to use to reproduce the music…

The question is how to authorise these DVD’s to have menu for albums and songs…



you can do it in Adobe Audition :slight_smile:


Check this one, scroll down the page.


Interesting guide, but looks like a bit complicated, and that’s ok if I would like to make 1 DVD, but I’ll have them 600…

I need a drag and drop solution, with more options on menus and text editing…

I’ll also try the Adobe Audition also, and someone is suggested Roxio, will see that too…

Any more ideas?



Have a look here:

it can be of interest - no personal experience so far.


Thanks, I’ll try it, on the screenshots it’s look the same as Audio DVD Creator, but have to try it to see is there any difference…

It is interesting that these softwares are 2-3 years old, and no update, no change was made to them from then…