Audio cds skipping all over :(

I’ve tried this on a few different computers/burners and I get similiar results, bad discs that cd players hate.

The problem is when I’m trying to burn mp3s to an audio cd, I can burn data discs fine at like 40x(pioneer 109 dvd burner). When I goto make an audio cd of the mp3s in nero, it spits out the cd shortly after it starts and says it couldn’t write DOA info, when I try windows media player, it may burn it but its a bad disc. I’m using some black cdrs from memorex, I’ve also tried silver imation cds.

Could it be the mp3s? Some VBR tricky tracks?

I have DMA mode on, I was using nvidia nforce pata drivers, but i pulled them out and stuck the microsoft primary/secondary ide controller drivers, still the same problem. This is a gigabyte motherboard, 2 sata drives in a raid 0, amd 3700+, 1gb patriot memory.

I’m about to try this on my powerbook burning w/ itunes, just to see if its the songs.

Should I try to convert these to wav files first so it doesn’t have to while burning? Should I even have to do that?


Personally I never use Nero for any form of music CD. My preference is Roxio (Pre V8) but I’ve found a good , free alternative in Burrrn ( This handles loads of input formats & does a fair job of it.

Also I only use Verbatim CDs for these. Pastels & Super AZO are my choice. I have found Memorex are particularly nasty in the past & vowed never to use that brand ever again. I’ve learned from experience to avoid any of the cheaper brands for either CD or DVD media.

I’d suggest the first thing to do is another app, like I’ve suggested, to initially rule out Nero as being the problem.

Thanks, I’m going to try out burrrn now on my laptop, and tonight on my home pc and see how it goes. I’ve never had a problem with those black memorex discs, I just popped in a verbatim I found in my cdr spindle and im gonna try to burn to that. WHen I do disc info it says CMC magnetics? Is that comparable to Pastels and Super AZO? Or does that mean something else? I noticed the discinfo on my home memorex discs had the same company name listed there.

The Pastels will show as Taiyo Yuden & are various pastel colours. The Verb you have is probably one of their ordinary ones , something like extra protection. These are OK but not as good as the other Verbs.

I tried burrrn on my laptop and home computer, not only did the discs burn, it also removed the annoying pause between the tracks, the songs I were listening to were kind of continuous. This app is outstanding, no BS gets right to the point, I wonder why a big commercial product like nero can’t perform a simple task like burning an audio cd from mp3 correctly. Thanks for the help TimC!

Yep it’s a handy little app, just does the one thing well.

Glad it solved your problem.