Audio CDs and Large MP3s

I have some large MP3s and wav files (1hr or so) that I would like to burn to Audio CD, but obviously it would just burn one long track onto the disc.
I have software that will split the files into smaller segments and I can burn those to CD, removing the gaps to make a continuous sounding track, but occasionally, the changeover on the tracks is slightly corrupted.
Is there a way to insert ‘breaks’ into a large track to make it appear that it is several smaller ones, so they can be cycled through in much the same way DVD vob files are ‘chaptered’?

I use Easy Media Creator by the way and have Nero, although not installed, but any help with either of these or pointers to software that would do it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks (in hope)

Nero does this seamlessly, in the track properties. You just insert a split wherever you wish and Nero burns as separate tracks. As long as you also set pre-track gaps to “0”, you can’t hear it. I would recommend that you convert the large MP3 to .wav before creating the compilation.

Thanks cDan - looks like a Nero re-install and try that.

Thanks again…