Audio CDRW

You’ve probably had this disscusion earlier, but i couldnt find any info on it…

Most CD-players can’t play CDRW disks… is this “Audio CDRW” disk a certain disk that will play on all cd-players?
If so, where can i get it?


Most older CD-Players cannot play CDRW, most newer ones can (all CDPs I have, can).
Difference between CDRW and Audio-CDRW: No difference, only more expensive because of fees for GEMA or other Musician Associations
If you use an audio-burner, only audio-cdrws are accepted.
If you use a professional audio-burner, you can use both types (but only 1-4x).
If you use an pc, you can use both types, but to use an audio-cdrw is waste of money.

PS: Verbatim-CDRW reflects a bit better than others, some old CD-Players work with Verbatim (a friend has a Sony CDP from 1995 working with Verbatim, but not with maxell etc.)