Audio CD will not play due to The MCI Service?


For some reason my Audio CD’s will not play in my Normal Pioneer CD-ROM DR-A14S where the cable is pluged into the motherboard for CD audio (I also have an Acer burner).

Now it comes up with an error message (see below), and i reinstall both the Soundblaster PCI128 Drivers and uninstalled the CD-ROM drive to let Windows 2000 Pro reinstall them, works fine but still no Audio!

What does this all mean!? :confused:

The error message reads:

“The MCI (CD Audio) service or the CD-ROM driver is not responding. CD Player cannot start. Check the ‘Sounds and Multimedia’ control panel, ‘Hardware’ tab to make sure the drivers are installed and active.”

well took a while to figure it out …

What I did:

I hooked up my machine to another machine with the same OS (Win2k for e.g.)

shared the WINNT directory …
copied all /winnt/inf files to the faulty machine.

then used the error displaying machine ADD HARDWARE – NEW DEVICE then OTHERS and suddenly all MCI and Legacy
codecs were available to install.

I then pointed the install location to
//remote machine/winnt/system32

and the driver were succesfully installed
(you only need MCI Audio)
Repeat this method until you have all the codecs or devices you want!

Note: after reboot all will be sweet.
I have no explanation why removing the soundcard and codecs and so on did not fix it prior – nor did using the Win2k install disc fix it.

Hope it helps …