Audio CD / WHAT Format?

POP quiz:

Buy ANY music cd off the shelf, insert into your computer,
do a get info: WHAT file format is it?

I get .aiff file type, however a friend of mine, said that
apple file format, I said no, its how the cd file was master recorded,
in that format.

Q. what is the true file format of any off the shelf music cd.?

If there a link, that describes, the mastering of a audio cd format,
that would be great… :wink:

Thanks -


AIFF:- Audio Interchange File Format.

Am told most off-the-shelf Audio CD’s are WAV format. MP3 is recommended as it is a compressed form of WAV and you can put much more music onto your disk.
Some CD’s may operate on DAT.

Can’t help with the link.