Audio-CD to one mpa (48k)

Hi guys,

what I wonna do is to add some cool house-CDs as additional languagetracks to a movie. So the final DVD has 1 big video (beachvolleyball e.g.), the production-sound on audio1 and some more audiotracks with music which are selectable by “languages”.

The audio-CDs are faded: the tracks fade into another on the whole CD. So I can’t rip them track-by-track because of clicks/gaps when rearranging them…

So by using DVDlab I need a software which

  1. ripps an Audio-CD into ONE big file AND
  2. converts it into mpa with 48k

Is there a software which does this by clicking just one button?

PS: I found a way to copy a cd to one big mp3, convert the mp3 to mpa, when I import it in dvdlab it finally must be transformed into 48k. These are 3 steps and it takes a lot of time (and temp. diskspace). Imagine I do this for 6 additional Audiotracks… :frowning:

thanks for your answers,