Audio cd skips all tracks

Hi Guys

I recently replaced my cdrw player with liteon dvd-rw model LH-201A1P.
I can read data CD’s but when i put in a audio cd, the following happens:-

The software player (either musicmatch or winamp) starts reading the audio tracks, then jumps one after another, each song like plays for 3 seconds then it jumps to the next track.

Becoz of this, I can’t even rip the tracks to mp3. Please help!!!

I’ve upgraded the latest firmware from liteon website. But still does not help.

Try extracting with Exact Audio copy.

Hi and Welcome!

either the drive is damaged somehow or (and this is more likely) your system is messed up, perhaps due to the installation of some virus-like DRM-enhancement-copy-protection “driver” ([google]Sony rootkit[/google]).

Can you try the drive in another computer? Or is a second CD drive present, so you could boot off a live Linux CD (Knoppix, Kanotix) to check if the audio CD playback works there?