Audio cd skipping problem (in car)

Hi there, all…

I have the LiteOn 24102B burner (hallowed be its name!) and I recently burned an audio cd using Nero…

I used Nero, dropped in the mp3 files as appropriate (my car deck is NOT an mp3 player…) and just started burning away…Everything seemed fine…

…Until I noticed that some of the tracks skip quite terribly…others sounding just fine.

I burned them on TDK 80 min, 700 MB discs…(I read here quite often that TDK supposedly ranks among the best?)

Any thoughts on why I am encountering these problems?

thanks for the help

Many people have had this problem discussed here.

Car stereos have a weaker laser unit than regular CD Players. Some car stereos don’t even play CDR at all, others only when burned at 1 speed on A brand CDs (such as Philips Silver Premium)

Try burning at lower speed and use the search for tips given in the past.