Audio CD-R's in Car Changer -- Track Search



Hello, new poster here. Haven’t been able to find a post relating to my issue, so here goes.

My homemade / burned audio CDs (CD-R’s) don’t “skip” in my truck changer. But, when I try and jump to the next track (i.e. go from the middle of Track 2 directly to the start of Track 3), the changer can’t “find” the next track (and eventually spits out the CD).

(Same problem when trying to find a previous track, too.)

Note these are “audio” / RedBook CDs and not MP3/data CDs.

While it somewhat brand-dependent – Memorex and Maxell CDs tend to do this more than Verbatim – they all do it to some extent. Regardless of the brand I try and use CDs for marked for “audio” rather than data (I know there’s probably no difference but what the heck).

Should I –
(a) increase the gap between tracks,
(b) try a slower write speed, or
© something else?

Again, I don’t think it’s a skipping issue: it’s a factory GM changer, and none of these homemade CDs skip when playing the CD straight through. And I have no issues with commercial CDs skipping or finding the next track, either.

I generally use WMP 10 to burn the CDs, but have other CD burning software, too.




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What burner are you using?


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Common problem is poor quality media. Verbatim & TY discs are recommended.
If you insist on using bargain basement CDR’s from your favourite <insert local chinese $2 shop here> then lower the writing the writing speed to 16x.


Model number is a hl-dt-st GCE-8481, made by LG? It’s whatever was built in with my Dell PC.

No problems making data CDs, only rarely making an audio CD coaster… (one time I can think of)