Audio CD recovery

I am wondering if there is anyone who could help me recover an audio recording from a CD-R disk. The audio was recorded using a Tascam CD-RW900 recorder. The recorder is having a problem, though. When you stop the recording and tell it to finalize the disc, it kicks the disk out. If you try to put it back in, the recorder does not recognize the disk.

The disk appears to have something burned onto it when I examine the surface, but my computer (Windows XP) recognizes it as a blank disk. I have tried several recovery programs that have helped others read unfinalized disks(ISObuster, CD Roller, and several others). All of them tell me my disk is blank.

I also tried using Nero to add a short audio file and finalize another disk with the same problem. It did report a successful burn and the computer reads a single audio track on the disk, but any program that tries to read it hangs.

So…I am looking for any advice. Is there anything I can do to recover anything from this disk?

Thanks much,
Scott Wildenberg