Audio CD questions

This may seem like an extremely remedial question, but I am really stumped. I am just trying to burn my MP3’s to Audio CD’s that I can play in any CD player. I set it up and burm it through Nero Express and the files are there but they are 44 bytes in size and they will not play in my car CD player or portable radio CD player. I know there is just something stupid I am not doing. Sooo, help me from feeling like I am synaptically-challenged. :doh:


Hi, welcome :slight_smile:

Try Burrrn - I use it a lot, all you do is drag your music files into the Burrrn window, and hit Burrrn. It’s small and free, and might do the trick where Nero is failing.

Hope that helps, can’t help with the Nero thing as I never experienced that problem. These days I use Burrrn instead anyway :slight_smile:

Hi there, it may be worth double checking that your car and standalone players can actually play MP3s. Some older ones don’t - and even some newer ones (such as my new car CD player :a ) won’t play them.

Seems strange that a 70 Dollar Burning Program can’t do the job that a freebie can. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

They definately cannot. So, Can Nero 7 burn from mp3 to an audio CD that is in the right format??

With Nero, you should be able to select Audio CD from the left hand side of the New Compilation window, drag your MP3s into the left hand pane, and it should convert the files to CDA and burn.

Is that what you’re doing?

Yes, that is my process. Then it takes some time to burn and when I check the disk all of the files are 44 bytes and they do not play on anything but my PC. It looks almost like it is burning links to my files, but it takes a long time to do it.

And to edit a bit: Burrrn does the same thing. 44 bytes per track with a type of Compact Digital Audio.

That’s very strange, especially that both softwares do the same thing.

I would guess that it’s a problem with the files (this may sound stupid, but you are dragging actual MP3s into either program, and not just links to them?), and not the software since both are doing the same thing.

With Both programs I am clicking ADD and then choosing the full files 5-12 MB in size. This has been driving me crazy for months and I just found this forum to throw it around.

its defintly not a problem with the files infact its completly normal , even if youll insert an original audio cd youll see 44 bytes .cda files its a part of the audiocd standard , .cda files refer to the audio data but they dont actually contain it, some more info here , if you wanna copy audio tracks to the hard drive it cannot be done with a file manager , only with a cd ripping software like exact audio copy , your car cd player doesnt play it cuz its picky just try other media

Refer to 1st post, the OP is trying to copy MP3s to .CDA… I’ll get a quote:

I am just trying to burn my MP3’s to Audio CD’s that I can play in any CD player.

But you have a point about .cda size. Maybe the OP is trying to drag .cda files across, not .mp3s - that would explain everything.


Hi again - I’ve just been trying that out. I just burned a bunch of MP3s to a CD in .cda format and it played with success in my car stereo. The process can work well.

I also don’t think it’s the software - any ripping software will be capable of this, provided you burn the files in .cda

To rule out wether it’s the media, maybe try making a direct burnt copy of a store-bought CD, and try that in your player. If that doesn’t work - get some different blank media as easterbunny suggests.

If it works ok, maybe post some screen shots of exactly what you are doing

Good advice :iagree:…screenshots would help.

i alredy knew that , as you can see the thread starter complained about 44bytes .cda files , so i was simply stating a fact that file managers such as explorer cannot view/copy the audio data properly

Thanks for the help. I am going to play around with your suggestions and IF I get no place else, screenies to follow. :slight_smile:

Agreed, but he tried Nero and Burrrn, not Explorer :slight_smile:

Ah well, hopefully the OP will elaborate and/or post screenies.

true , but he did use explorer or some other file manager to browse the audio cd and then saw 44bytes .cda files so…

Hehe, I think we’re both right in our own way :slight_smile:

Well, I took these disks I have been burning and tried them on my DVD player. The CD played fine. Took it to my car and it did not play. After getting out the trusty CD cleaner disk, things played with no problems. It looks like I made a dirty CD player into something much more :). Thanks for all the help. I will be browsing these forums quite a bit now to learn some info about this stuff.

Awww , well I’m glad the fix was so simple! :smiley: