Audio CD quality


I have a tricky Q.
Is there any way to tell if a burnt audio cd is made of mp3 files or out of files without any compression (wav. ape, flac)?


If you mean can you tell by looking at the disc, I’m not that talented (is that the tricky part of the question).

Put the cd in your computer and look at properties. If you have an audio player that displays the file format, that would do it to.

If it’s an Audio CD then the tracks are in wav format but you can’t see then on a PC without a special driver file installed.

There is some software dedicated to that task, e.g. the freeware Tau Analyzer (substantially they use frequency analysis). Or you can directly use an audio tools like Audacity (also free). :wink:

For additional info, there is also a dedicated thread on HA, and two nice links therein:

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:


Wrong. They’re in raw, interleaved PCM format. The “special driver” is really doing something special.