Audio cd protection with clone cd and alcohol

I use and tried 3 softwares to protect my audio cd’s, like ccd lock, cap. etc, to protect my clone cd images, when burned with clone cd the cd is burned protected , fine, when the same image is burned with alochol which i use to burn with my multiple cdr’s the cd’s come out unprotected, I want the cd’s to be protected can anyone help, its like alcohol is removing the protection.
bottom line I need to be able to make copy protected cd’s with a software that suppoorts multiple burners,

simple answer:
don’t burn them with alcohol…
alcohol writes the audio cd’s another way than clone cd, so the the protection (i guess something like a hidden data-track in combination with a wrong toc?!?) won’t be burned correctly…
so, stay @ clone for this…

Thanks alot, but the reason I was trying to use alcohol be cause I am doing 15 copies at a time and clone cd does not support multiple cdr’s at once, cd mate does but has the same result as alcohol,

tried discjuggler?

No I have not tried disc juggler, thanks, but I dontt hink discjuggler supports .ccd files,
i’ll see

How to correctly use ccd-lock,CAP and EAL?I use them,but the protected cd can’t play in my discman.For example,I use CAP’s sys protect,but play in discman is no sound.

Are you asking how to use them correctly ? or are you just wondering why your discman doesnt play the disc ? maybe you discman cant read the discs properly, does it work on a stand alone cd player ?

Is it use ccd-lock,CAP,EAL protect can’t play in discman?But can play in standalone cd player?

Originally posted by tuff
No I have not tried disc juggler, thanks, but I dontt hink discjuggler supports .ccd files,
i’ll see

Maybe you can convert them, I took the liberty to ask for you here:

EAC, CAP, CCD-Lock etc. currupts the TOC changing the bit from Audio to Data (DVD players won’t play these). It also fucks up the Lead-In and other tracks (some players like many used in cars will read them wrong).

The reason Alcohol doesn’t work because it sees the TOC says the control bit has been changed to data, it it “fixes” it, Alcohol knows it has been changed because the sub channel says it is Audio and not Data. This was made in case your reader was fooled by CDS200.

These freeware CDDA protectors will cause you (and your poor clients or your so-called friends you’re giving them to) more problems.

CDDA cannot be protected it can only be currupted.