Audio CD Protection List



A very usefull list of Audio CD Protections


is there an english one?


No i’m sorry but i can translate you the important sentences…

when you chose a titel a site will displayed with following things:

Abspielen (playable) Auslesen (readable)

Für Detailinformationen klicken Sie bitte auf eine der verlinkten Zahlen.
>For further Details click on the linked numbers.

Haben Nutzer einen sichtbaren Hinweis auf Abspielsperre/Kopierschutz bemerkt?
>Have users noticed a visible reference on a copy protection?

Ja Yes
Nein no =)

Von Nutzern am häufigsten vermutete Abspielsperren/Kopierschutz-Verfahren.
>The protection which most frequently assumed by users.

>that means that nobody found a protection

I hope i translated it not too bad :smiley:


you translation is fine


Thanx m8, this will prove useful to many users as well as me. Maybe it will make a sticky…who knows…:bigsmile:


that would be a honor for me :iagree:


We have plans in the pipeline to add an audio protection database to our Games Protections Database here. Unfortunetly, only English is used on our site.