Audio CD Protection ? HELP!



I try to copy an audio CD "HIM - Razorblade Romanze". On the cover it says: The Computer
is not able to read the cd. Nero cannot copy it. he says "reading from cd not possible".
The cd consists of 13 tracks and one session
the sessions is 5MB the 13th track 3GB, all other sizes are correct. who of you knows about audio cd copy protection ?? I'm from germany, if the country is necessary to identify the protection.

Please answer if you can help me


clonecd ???


Please use Easy CD 3.1 or 3.5,you can copy every Track but not the last.

Or if you have a good soundcard with digital input grab the Music from a normal CD-Player.


Don’t use clonecd for audio, Use Audiocatalyst and burn it with the working version of easy cd. (v3 not v4)


I think you are out of luck. If I remember correctly this cd can not be copied, it is even not readable by some audio players. They withdrew the cd from the market because of this. The only thing you can do is to copy it from the analogue output of your audio player like Kirby said, or even beter copie it digitally -if you have a digital output on your audio player- to for instance a SB live card…works for me


I remembered correctly !
See for yourself at


windac ???


try to copy the cd analog, with an audio cable, that`s the only way to copy this cd