Audio CD problems

I have been having problems making audio cd’s randomly for a while. I have 2 problems:

[li]Sometimes a cd I burn will have a “flutter” or skipping effect when played.[/li][li]some audio files will have blank time at the end each track about, 45 seconds.[/li][/ol]
I have tried several different burning programs for the flutter problem:
Nero 7, BurnAware Free, iTunes, and all randomly mess up a song.

I am running Win XP Pro, 2.6 ghz AMD dualcore, 2 gig RAM, a Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1H burner that came with Nero 7.

I am burning mp3’s to cd audio. Most of the mp3 files are downloaded from some unsigned artist websites. I don’t know if there is a bitrate problem as sometimes the discs burn fine. I have made enough mini frisbees to last me for a while.

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I have a suggestion: first convert your mp3 file into .WAV format, and listen it. If it is ok, then burn those .WAV file onto CD directly using the tools you used.

From your description, this issue should attribute to the quality of those mp3 files.