Audio Cd Problem

Whenever I Burn An Audio Cd I Get Noise Like Scratches Around The 40th Minute Till The End Of The Disc Of Every Disc I Burn, I´ve Tried Several Cd Recorders And Media And The Noise Stills There, It Also Happens When I Copy An Audio Cd But There Is No Problem When I Burn A Data Cd, What Can I Do To Solve It?

What player are you using? Does your player support CD-Rs?
Does it accept CDRs burned with another drive?

What happens when you play it in your CD-ROM drive?
Can you extract the tracks without noises?

I Tried The Cds I Burn With Several Cd Players And I Get The Same Result, The Disc Starts To Make Noises Like Scratches And Some Kind Of Static At Around Minute 45 And To The End. This Problem Also Appears In Winamp Or Windows Media Player, I Tried Nero 6.3 And Easy Media Creator 7 And I Get The Same Results, I Tried Burning With A Lite On, A Plextor And A Lg Burners And It Keeps Happening. I Also Tried Reinstalling Windows Xp But The Problem Stills There.

Bad media perhaps? Run kprobe or cdspeed

If you can confirm that your CD-ROM also plays with noises (especially if you can test it in digital mode), or, even better, you can extract the disc to WAV and the noises are in the WAV file, then it would mean that the noises are really “burned” in the CDR.

That would probably happens because of data corruption while transferring from hard disk to burner.
Try to burn with DMA disabled.
Do you have a Via chipset? (especially a 686B southbridge?)

Minix, Dma Is Disabled, I´m Using An Nforce 2 400 Chipset In A Msi K7n2 Delta Mainboard, I´m Running An Athlon Xp 2600 With 512 Mb Ddr 400 Cas 2 Memory And A Couple Of Samsung 120 Gb Hdd.
I Never Had Problems Burning My Cds, I´m A Dj So I Burn Cds Often But Around A Couple Of Weeks Ago I Can´t Burn More Than 40 Minutes In A Cd Cause The Static And The Scratches Appear, I Tried Several Media And The Same Problem Appears, I Burn The Same Files In Other Computer And The Cd Was Perfect But In Mine There Is No Way I Can Burn Audio Cause Like I Said Before There Is No Probem With Data, Even Mp3 Cds Are Ok.
I´m Really Clueless

yes, but please confirm if the noises are really burned in the disc by reading it to WAV.
If the noises are there (in the WAV file), then we discard quality burning problems.

If the WAV is clean, then it means that the correct data in the disc can’t be read correctly, because the CDRs is low quality or your burners have problems.
What CDRs are you using?