Audio CD Problem

Hello, I have been given a non playing audio CD (non playing on hifi) to see if i can copy the music off it. Its a shop bought CD and is about 10 years old. Every track has fuzziness in the background and its more noticeable when the singer is singing. The last track the singer is way in the background and you can really hear the fuzziness. I have tried copying it with audio grabber set to the lowest read speed and have tried taking an image of the disc with Nero and Alcohol 120% set to the lowest read speed but the copy is the same quality as the original.

I thought a CD being digital a 1 is always a 1 and a 0 is always a 0 anything different then the data has been corrupted. I would expect fuzziness from analogue storage but not from a CD.

I have tried the disc in my LG GSA-4167B DVD writer and my Lite-on DVD writer (I think the model is sohw-1653).

Any suggestion on how to make a good copy??? Or is the cd scrap?



Is the CD physicaly damaged? If so try this thread:

Lasitter has extensive knowledge in cd repairs. Try to drag him to your thread by pasting him your link ( ) thru a personnal message since the thread I gave you is for research not particular problem solving.

Furthermore, I posted a link to a producer’s site that could contain infos that could find relevant.