Audio cd problem



:bow: hi !!
I can´t configure NeroLinux to create audio cds. I don´t understand how it works. Making data cd works fine.
how I can add “flac” in the file types registry?
do you speak spanish?? :slight_smile:


Hi, to make audio cd you need extra utils installed on your distro.
Nerolinux homepage talks about it:

Audio encoding and decoding done on the fly, using external utilities (mpg123, ogg123)

After that drag and drop the mp3 files to the audio-cd menu ( I think is the second one ) and burn it.

And yes, some of us talk spanish ( In my case Im spanish ) but is better to talk in english here because almost everybody of this page use it.

If you want to search on spanish linux forums you can have a look at the page in my profile.


Thanks. I dont test it yet (I am just compilig K3B-0.11.22 rigth now) but mpg123, oggdec , oggenc and also madplay , flac are already instaled and working
I think the problem is in the NeroLinux file type configuration, I think I mess it up.
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I use Fedora Core 3 and have the yum repos: base, fedora-updates, extras and freshrpms, those don’t have mpg123.

And from :
12. Jan. 2005

  Yes! The project is not maintained at the moment and there are some serious security problems in the latest player versions. It is highly recommended to not use the source code you can download from this site. Check Debian Advisory or Gentoo Advisory for more information. Thanx."

How to burn my mp3 files to an audio CD, please?


You could try mpg321 … I think it should work. You might need to change the name of the binary only in the nero config in Preferences though (mpg123 => mpg321)… from my experience it’s basically an (old) clone of mpg123. Looking at the website it has not been updated in 3 years though … but then again it’s your choice. You could also downgrade mpg123 to an older version as only the “latest player versions” have the problem.



Thank you.


I changed the app mpg123 to mpg321 in the nero config in Preferences, but until now I can’t burn my mp3 files.


Ok, maybe mpg321 doesn’t work out of the box (it was just a suggestion) … Another solution would be to convert the mp3’s via xmms plugins to wav manually. This would mean you manually convert before to waw, and then burn the wav files.

If this is too much work, then I think you should just use mpg123 without worying too much. I still use it, and am not too worried because my computer isn’t directly connected to the internet (it runs through another server/firewall), nor do I use mpg123 for much at all except converting mp3’s sometimes.

I just tried myself with mpg321 and I can confirm it does not work :-/ … Sorry, again, this was just a suggestion.



Thanks again for your suggestions.

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