Audio CD playing problem

I have this two disc set, the first disk works but the second one doesn’t? In a regular cd player it can play but when put into the computer both winamp and wmp are having problems. Winamp just crashes when it tries to play the disk, where wmp says it can’t locate the correct url for the files.

Why is this?

Are these pressed or burned discs?

They are factory pressed discs. I can rip the tracks and listen to them, but the pc just can’t play them from the disc. It’s kind of strange since CD 1 works, and it also plays in dedicated players, but not in computers.

If both discs can be ripped with no errors, then the problem could be in the player softwares you are using. Have you tried to download latest version of Winamp for example? Maybe this solve :slight_smile:

Yes, I have winamp 5.35. I think the wmp is also up to date. I don’t have any other players installed.

I took it back to the store and they put it in their player and it played. But on my computer it doesn’t, and I don’t have any other devices except the pc.

One thing I noticed is that this set has the second cd start where the first cd’s file names left off. that means the 2nd cd starts at track 25, where the other boxsets I have have each of their cds start at track 1. Could this be the problem? But even so shouldn’t it just read the files and why do the file names matter? Like it’s just a string right?

If you have only your computer to play these discs, then the only easy solution seems to me to rip both disc on a folder, and then play from hard disc.

To save space, you can compress files with a lossless codec like FLAC or APE (both free), and then use winamp or Foobar to play files :slight_smile:

But the disk is good right? I just haven’t experienced this problem before. And can the crc checks be wrong? Because wikipedia says it can happen that two files are different but produce the same crc string.

If the disc can be played correctly on a standalone (like it happened on the store), then the disc is good. Moreover, if the disc can be ripped I think that is good.

It’s really strange, however, than music can’t be played directly from the disc :confused:

Can you try that disc on a different computer? Maybe you can ask to a friend. If on another machine it works, then the problem can be in your CD drive

I have another computer, I’ll try it on that. My drive is good with other discs, but not this one. I still think it’s the track name problem, the 2nd cd starts on track 25 where the program may be looking for track 1.

For what I know a player doesn’t expects to find a specific track name on a disc. It simply read what there is on the disc, and then it shows the content on the screen.

I don’t know if a disc starting with a track named “25” can cause such problems.

Actually my drive is defective. It can’t read certain disks, I just got Amazon to re-ship a cd to me because my drive couldn’t read it, now I know that I told them that their cd is defective by mistake. So that’s two disks that doesn’t work in the drive.

My drive is a Liteon drive, I only had it for 8 months. My previous Asus drive broke down really quickly too, so are these two brands unreliable? If so which brand would be reliable?

To be sure that the drive is defective you can do a simple test: install it on a different computer and try again to read that disc. In this way you can exclude any software related issue :slight_smile:

I find LGs reliable in my experience. :slight_smile:

I’ll do that, thanks. But why does it read some disks but not others?

Some drives seems to hate specific discs for some unknown reason :frowning:

Ok, it’s the drive, doesn’t work on the other computer either. I should never have adventured away from LG, I had many LG drives and they are working for years without breaking. Then I got experimental and got an Asus and now Liteon. So LG drives doesn’t have those compatibility issues right? Because it read the disk perfectly on my other computer.

Or do I have to get a plextor?

Just to be sure, try that disc on some other drives. Ask to friends to do tests on their drives, so you can be sure that the drive is the culprit.

Liteon drives are pretty good with audio CDs, but if you can find a genuine Plextor (recently Plextor is selling rebranded drives) it’s certainly a good alternative :slight_smile:

I just tried it on the LG dvd drive (not rewrite) on the other computer and it works. Then I plugged in this drive into the other computer and it also doesn’t work. So it must be this drive.

Liteon drives are pretty good with audio CDs, but if you can find a genuine Plextor (recently Plextor is selling rebranded drives) it’s certainly a good alternative :slight_smile:

Never knew that, nevermind about plextor then, it costs 3x as much as the LG. I’ll just get the LG. (LG makes solid products right?)

Now Lite On is also on my black list along with Asus, Pioneer etc…

I was lucky with liteon drives until now, but if you can afford, then a Plextor is one of the better choices :slight_smile:

What about LG? I haven’t had a problem with their products, but I don’t know how good their DVD rewriters are because I never had one from them.