Audio CD players in automobiles

All of the audio cds I’ve burned aren’t doing too well in my car. The last 5 or 6 sings skip terribly. I’m burning at slow speeds(2X), using Taiyo Juden blanks cds and burning with iPod’s system. When I play the cds in my wife’s car(Mercedes) there’s no problem but in my Ford Focus(Blaupunkt) the skipping begins. My local HiFi Buys salesman says that the Blaupunkt isn’t a great cd player and that I should install his Alpine. I’m not opposed to spring for a new cd player and its installation but would be upset if that didn’t work. Any ideas?

stop burning at 2x then unless your using an old burner with very old discs, burning at low speeds on high speed media in a new drive will more than likely result in problems.

Buy an JVC
i have one for 3 years and no problems. (cost me 1000€ 3 years ago )
Play everything with great sound.
Alpine is just brand nothing special for the money you pay.

try some different media first its cheap as chips some players like different mediaif this dont help why not get an mp3 player they are brilliant and no disc swapping is a deffinate advantage