Audio cd not finalized

last week I burned an audio cd with nero but I noticed it wasn’t readable in my stereo, the cd reader in fact showed “Audio CD not finalized”, so I made another copy of the same cd but the problem was the same!
I burned many other audio cds with my software/hardware configuration and everyone was perfect… Where can the problem be?
Thanks in advance.

Look Below - I’d say its defaulted to unticked for some unknown reason, although generally before you burn it will pop up a dialogue asking if you want to leave the session open as it may leave the disc unplayable by most devices. Maybe just run us through exactly how your doing it and what options you have.

After burning the 1st cd I thought about the same thing so I checked if the finalize cd thick ok… And it was! So I burned another copy but it had the same problem!

Are you Burning DAO, TAO or SAO?

I’ve always burnt in DAO mode…