I recently purchased a copy of ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd. It’s a double CD set and I want to save the tracks as wave files on my hard drive and then make a single CD compilation (with Nero) to listen to in my car and for back-up purposes.

However, when I insert the CD into my DVD-Rom drive (it’s an NEC DVD-RW+ 1100A), neither of the 2 discs are detected. I’m guessing this is the result of copy-protection?? This CD set was released in 1994 by EMI Canada… I read on the Net that EMI copy-protects many of their music products… but I had no idea that they were doing this way back in 1994… the CD has no mention of any copy-protection.

Anyway, my question is does anyone know how to bypass this so that Windows XP detects the CD?

You mean the orginal CD’s will not get recognised in the drive? Does the drive read other orignal audio CD’s fine? I havn’t heard of an orignal just not being read by a drive unless the audio disc itself is bad. If the drive reads another audio CD fine then try to put these CD’s in another CDROM or even a CD player just to make sure that the discs are good

Yes the Pink Floyd CD’s are not recognized by my DVD-Rom drive (I don’t see the tracks when I click on the D: in Windows Explorer drive and Nero says ‘There is no CD in the drive’). I tried the CD’s on my stereo system and car CD player and they played perfectly.

I think my DVD drive is working fine because I inserted several other audio CD’s and they were all recognised and were able to play.

exactly the same problem with E.Truffaz’s “bending new corners album”!

my drive won t detect it.
released in 1999 but brand new.
no copy control logo on it but i suspect some kind of protection here (as it is distributed by emi).
is there any way around?


See here: