Audio CD - need finalizing

An audio CD was burned at my church and I got ready to upload it to the site :doh: but I realized that the CD was not finalized. Is there any programs that exist small or large that allows you to finalize a cd outside of the original recorder.
The equipment they use at our church is standard equipment, No PC stuff.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to get this audio off the CD but I cant do anything with it until I finalize it.

Thanks in advance. :clap:

Up to this point i dont know any software that can do that so u better re-burn that cd.

thanks for replying…

Anytime :bigsmile:

Still should play ok regardless.

Just reburn. sounds like the best thing to do.

I have problems when I burn too close to the max (> 700). my burner freezes up during “lead out” but the CD plays fine and I can still rip the songs back to .wav.