Audio CD copying NEED HELP :-)!

Ok I am using Clone CD anf my writer is an LG- GCE-8240B

  1. If I copy without Emulate weak sectors the tracks come out and some of them jitter or don’t run properly on normal CD players.

  2. No matter what profile I use or what grade of CD media, my copies always take longer to load in a normal CD player than the originals do!

  3. What is the best way to copy Audio CD’s and is Clone CD the best choice? If so what options should I select for read and write.

  4. What the heck is Emulate/amplify weak sectors, what’s the difference which should I use?

  5. Does it make a difference whether I choose to read data and audio sunchannel data for audio CD copies.

  6. Does fast error skip alter anything and should I always use repair subchannel data and the option to repair bad sectors etc.

Thanks. Need help there are just too many options to sort out I just need an option like “Optimize copy for CD audio” or somethin’ -Slysoft take note! :slight_smile:

well for audio cd`s
its good to read them slow, and write them even slower
your problem might be your burner, or the audio cd itself

e.g. old and scratched

anyways try slower speeds
also you might want to try dif media
i like to use name brands, they might be a little more expensive
but they aer worht it in my opinion…

if that stil doesnt work for yeah …
there is a really neat program called EAC and LAME
this program is freeware… if i had a link for it i would post it.but i don`t… just do a search

this program will sample a cd till its pretty much perfect…if it cant it will say it can`t

For faster loading time
reduce read speed to 4x or 8x
Write at 4x

Use good media (tayio Yuden, TDK (dark blue), CMC, memorex)
see here for testing results:

Use Audio Profile

Emulate/Amplify/repair/subchannel are options applied to protected game copying.