Audio cd copy



just copied the above with clony copy difficulty level 1,
and in CLONECD i got loads of the following [copy On the fly]

I 9:22:31 PM ISRC USDJ20200191
Anyone know what they are?


that is just some info on a cd…it believe it is a unic number


it copied all right though :slight_smile:


i know…it is normal…it is supposed to do it

this is what is in the help of FEURIO:

The ISRC-Code (”International Standard Recording Code”) identifies a recording (i. e. normally a track).

Actually each track on every CD should have an ISRC-Code which clearly identifies the track. In fact I have found very few commercial CDs with ISRC-Codes.


What cd are you talking about? The J-Lo cd? What was the use of Clony for???


no, it was a different CD. I used clony just to check if it had any protection :wink:


If that is the case I really don’t get the question/statement (?) you made besides the isrc thing…



don’t let it trouble u :slight_smile: